Nathanael really is a wonderful photographer and I can’t recommend him highly enough. We had our wedding in Paris last summer and at every step Nathanael made the whole process easy and straightforward.
Even though we had only organised him for several hours (we were on a limited budget), Nathanael went above and beyond. He came early to our home to take photos of our family and of the make-up, and then he stayed many hours later than contracted, all while taking wonderful photos.

He managed the difficult task of both instructing people in order to take good photos, but also without being obtrustive and getting in the way. This meant that we had incredible photos, both natural, unstaged and also posed family photos. This was all done without us having to worry about anything and left us free to enjoy the day.

In addition his excellent work and dedication did not stop there- after the wedding, he was always quick to respond and made sure that the photos were ready within a crazily quick time! We were so excited to see the photos, and literally the next day he had a selection of the best photos available for us to see- really the icing on the cake, and it made us enjoy the wedding all over again.

Of course, the photos were perfect, all our friends and family were included and they were excellent quality. For such a similar service you could quite easily expect to pay 3x more- we know as we had a similar price for another photographer in another event, our London religious ceremony.
I cannot more highly recommend Nathanael, you will not be disappointed!

Anaïs Anjary